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Friends and lovers

  When Nqobani danced it was like watching a tigress hunt, grace and rhythm oozed from her very nimble body. She had the legs of a masai hunter, toned, long and lean. Every woman in her class wanted a slice of her incredibly delectable body but she unfortunately only had eyes for Thobile. Thobile who… Read More »

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Africa Rising

There is a deep love for Africa in the soul. Potholes, dusty pavements, rich soils. The sun comes down happy and joyous on this beautiful continent. I can try and explain the passion for this dear land, But mostly I just feel her…in my gut. In the forever giving hand. The aroma of diverse foods… Read More »

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The tin woman has a heart

To all the faces I brace, Against…smile an armour, I use…like a talisman. It is easier to speak of the height of the sun, Than delve into the tin to find soft tissue. It is lighter to talk of the dust that impersonates sand, Than acknowledge that it is within and its purpose serves. Watching… Read More »

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Bitter sweet

‘It’s open’ eve shouted from the bathroom at dana’s insistent knocking. ‘in here…’she shouted when she heard dana’s footsteps in the mini kitchen, ‘lock the door after you yea?’ ‘ok..’dana said, only loud enough for no one in particular. she pushed the door open and leaned her head against the frame. Eve lay in the… Read More »

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Yet Another day

There was another inbox for eve from nto the next day,she wanted to know where eve was from and asked how come her name sounded different,eve hadn’t heard from A for two days now and wasn’t in the best of moods so she ignored nto’s message,complaining grumpily to herself about how she hated it when… Read More »

Pink Shorts

Pink Shorts – Season 1 The Pink Shorts series is created by StraightUp Media which is a beautiful coming together of 5 Black Womxn, giving a different voice to the industry and hopefully, steadily breaking down barriers as they go. The Pink Shorts are StraightUp Media’s first but definitely not last production. A large focal… Read More »

My War

I am always present in the world. It’s a conscious decision not to partake in the communion of souls. I like to watch.. from the sidelines, sometimes. I am present in the atmosphere, My breath joins others, creating life with the sun. I am as present as the sea. Forgive me mother, for I know… Read More »

A Family Holiday

I want to go away someplace warm With Toni and Rowan… By the sea; collect shells and sink our feet in the cool sand. I want a typical holiday; hotel lobbies and sand castles Fake potted plants or real dotted palms The sun streaming through a grassy lapa Stringy bikinis and shorts and salty sea… Read More »

God is with us_A response to recent events in Uganda and Nigeria

Psalm 18: 16-19 16 He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters. 17 He rescued me from my powerful enemy, from my foes, who were too strong for me. 18 They confronted me in the day of my disaster, but the Lord was my support.… Read More »