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Moving on 3

They had both just ignored the kiss after that, dana fearing any further rejection and eve just stalling, she knew she was ready but didn’t know what was holding her back. Dana was a beautiful girl, if she didn’t snap out of it soon, she wasn’t going to stay around drooling after her much longer,… Read More »

Moving on 2

They both changed into their skates quietly, eve had dragged a protesting dana to the rink, her cries of being unable to skate falling on unheeding ears. ‘There is a first time for everything’, eve had told her sternly, ‘you can’t forever live in fear and caution’. ‘ I still think this isn’t a good… Read More »


Eve’s sister aya invited her for dinner Friday night, hinting on the fact that she had a few friends over for her to meet, eve knew from past experience that when aya used that tone of voice, she in most cases was trying to hook her up with one of her numerous male friends that… Read More »

moving on

They met at the open closet party in Melville, dana looked so stunning, eve checked her out again from the corner of her eye, taking in her shabby afro, long legs in tights and cleavage all in one swift look, she looks good, she thought to herself and smiled, she looked up to find another… Read More »

After the night.

Eve was surprised to find A breaking up with her didn’t leave her as sad as she initially thought it would,perhaps she had sub-consciously known it wasn’t going to last,she found herself somewhat glad that it was over.more> On reaching home,she had ran herself a hot bath with a dash of vanilla flavoured oils,some salts,lit… Read More »

That night

Custom Search Eve knocked tentatively at A’s door and stepped away. She had come straight from work without calling first and hoped A was home. She impatiently tapped a pump on the tile and looked into the distance after another knock. Far off a crane lifted something off the ground and a car hooted loudly.… Read More »

oh happy day

Custom Search They are singing.In the trees,these birds are chirping.And the sun,coming down with such splendour,streaming through these leaves..Soft rays piercing through them,soft puffy clouds,floating,in the sky,dreamy high…Tiny rainbows of colour strapped on them..Infinite blue,..endless,endless hours of clear pure blue dotted with these clouds.Springy flowers,..peonies and pansies and dandelions,filling the air with beautiful,pink and… Read More »

Then and now

Ummm… I didn’t think I’d speak today, but all I feel w’d drown me if I didn’t share it. Being here – with you so lovely, the all seems like deja vu, Like I’ve been here before, like I’ve dreamt and lived it, several times over Maybe it’s wishful thinking, me and my head,… Read More »


Rain, rhymes with pain That she can’t seem to feign In loss they gain Freedom, some disdain Light steps, skip paddles Were those yesterday’s cuddles Whispering on the wind like bubbles? Now you see it, now you don’t, lost marbles? Drifting… on the breeze A soul, by none untainted Smiling… like a freeze On a… Read More »