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The birds and the birds II

‘which one do you prefer, me using a toy on you or you using it on me? ’dana asked eve as she absentmindedly got into her pyjamas. They were still psyching up for the trip to the adult shop. ‘I think I rather use it on you’, eve said her brows knotted in thought ‘but… Read More »

The birds and the birds ;)

how do you feel about sex toys?’ It was a Monday night, lu and her girlfriend taz were over at dana’s place. The girls were bundled on the worn out couch as eve sat on a cushion between dana’s legs. They were all watching the 5th season of the l word that lu having ordered… Read More »

Goofing around

‘So how long have you two been together?’ eve asked dana’s friend lu who was there with her girlfriend-they seemed joined at the hip. ‘about two years now, very long for a lesbian relationship yea?’ they both laughed at that and eve turned the meat, they were having a braai with a couple of friends,… Read More »

Taking it to another level

The man looked at the two women infront of him over his spectacles, he had a very studious face, deep set blue eyes behind the thick rimmed glasses, he adjusted them for the third time since they’d been in and asked very carefully if they wanted to do the test together or one after the… Read More »

A new beginning

‘When did you first realise you liked girls?’ Dana lazily played with eve’s locks, raking her fingers through them and gently untangling the tangled growth, her face was soft and serene as she gazed lovingly at her girlfriend. Eve lay her head on dana’s lap as her one leg dangled on the floor and the… Read More »

let me

Let me tell you a secret.Let me whisper into your ear a sweetness.I want to watch your eyes crinkle up so when you hear it,I want the corners of your mouth to turn up with a smile.I want to see your pupils dilate with mirth for a little while.While my lips work fervently into your… Read More »