Monthly Archives: September 2010

Losing grip

‘are you coming over today?’ eve said through the phone, she held it between her cheek and shoulder as she tidied up her desk and got ready to knock off. There was a long pause at the other end which was followed by a heavy sigh. ‘I don’t think I can make it tonight’, dana… Read More »

First i love you’s

‘I love you’, eve said matter-of-factedly , they stood side by side doing dishes at the sink. Dana dried as eve washed. ‘I love you’, she repeated when dana only looked at her dumbfounded, she did not turn to look at her. ‘funny how one never notices when it begins, when the slight ache in… Read More »

The first fight.

‘why do I have to pick up after you?’, eve asked in an irritated voice holding a coffee mug dana had used and left next to the chair she’d been sitting on. ‘I was going to get that’, eve looked tired and dana didn’t want to sweat it. ‘no you were not, you never do’,… Read More »