Monthly Archives: October 2010

Bitter sweet

‘It’s open’ eve shouted from the bathroom at dana’s insistent knocking. ‘in here…’she shouted when she heard dana’s footsteps in the mini kitchen, ‘lock the door after you yea?’ ‘ok..’dana said, only loud enough for no one in particular. she pushed the door open and leaned her head against the frame. Eve lay in the… Read More »

Hopeful rays

Eve saw dana’s incoming call as she slowly pushed the trolley through the store,she was in the mood for a nice steak,some salad and a huge bottle of wine to wash it all down and keep running even when her throat was clean. She had a nice calm evening planned,soft music,some candles,soak in the bath… Read More »

Taking the blame

’what do I do wrong?’ eve typed rapidly. ‘I don’t want to read that kinda talk’, bleh threw back. ‘it must be me, it can’t be everyone else…’ she stuck in her self pity. ‘you just haven’t met the right one’, bleh tried to be patient with her. ‘I wanted dana to be the right… Read More »

Boiling over

Eve lay alone in bed for the third night that week, dana had finally come out with it. ‘you ok?’ eve had asked as taz was busy cracking them up with tales of an impossible client at work. Everyone had seemed to enjoy themselves except her, ‘am ok..,just alittle tired’, she replied as eve gently… Read More »