Monthly Archives: November 2010

Making amends

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Farewells are bade, I so miss you!… Eve read the tiny card as she absentmindedly stirred her coffee. Dana had left awhile back but not before making her breakfast – scrambled eggs,lightly done as she loved them,a slice of whole wheat bread and afew slices of french polony. laying… Read More »

Pandora’s box ajar.

Nto left the next morning,the night before hadn’t been discussed at all. As she got ready,they talked about the mandane,made coffee,made breakfast,eve whipped up scrambled eggs and they had it with slightly burnt toast,later,they took off nto’s t-shirt and then her jeans and made love on the one sofa in the room. Tasting the breakfast… Read More »

Guilty rendez-vous

They met at a bar in ghandi square,eve suggested it,although she could never remember what it was called for the life of her. They sat at a wooden bench,eve sipped on a gin and tonic and nto had a heineken,there was smoke from the braai afew feet away but it mostly blew in the opposite… Read More »

Awakened demons

For eve the dynamics of their relationships had changed irrevocably. She could not give as freely as before and found herself pushing the bile of resentment down,forcefully willing it away without much success. She had presumed them to be on the same footing and been proved wrong and was very wary now. Nto had made… Read More »