Monthly Archives: January 2011

A dinner with friends

‘you look great babe,now let’s go please’ eve was getting impatient with dana taking too long. They were to have dinner and drinks with bleh and hina and she didn’t get why dana felt the need to change outfits several times. ‘i just feel like looking glam tonight angel,stop rushing me,it’s not helping’. ‘fine…i’ll just… Read More »

It’s a small world.

‘so,what’s new then…who are is keeping you so busy this time round?’ Eve was chilling with her friend who never seemed to make up her mind with she was straight,lesbian or bisexual – tina. ‘i think am done with women,i need a real man,tired of playing around’ tina said promptily. ‘iv heard that one before’,… Read More »


‘i miss you…’ nto said over the phone to eve. ‘i miss you too…’ ‘can i come over sometime, there is something about those fingers i want to explore alittle further…’ Eve laughed,remembering their lovemaking and feeling a tingle in her vagina. Nto had been good,her small body moving so smoothly over eve,her soft moans… Read More »

Opposites attract.

The more bleh and hina got to know eachother,the more they realised how totally different they were. Where bleh loved blue,hina thought orange was bright and beautiful, If hina thought commitment was essential,bleh thought it was a waste of time and life was too short to surely spend on just one individual. Still,they enjoyed eachother’s… Read More »