Monthly Archives: March 2011

True colours show

Eve knocked on nto’s little bachelorette flat and stop impatiently tapping her foot. it was two o’clock in the afternoon and she had decided to waste her much appreciated time and sort the issue with nto out. She had a day off and wd have loved to stay home, sip on a sweet rose in… Read More »

Trouble looms.

‘we need to talk’ nto whined from the other side of the phone. eve rolled her eyes and sighed inaudibly,obviously nto wasn’t letting things go so easy. ‘talk about what nto?’ eve didn’t want to give off her frustration. ‘about us…’ ‘there’s no ‘us’ nto, you know that’. ‘please don’t say that eve…we were good… Read More »

Severed ties

‘we have to end this nto…’ They sat by the pond at the park,nto threw some bread crumbs to the little ducklings impatiently quacking at the edge of the pond and collected her thoughts quietly. ‘why?’ she finally asked,the panic she felt only slightly present in her voice. ‘dana suspects…’Eve was feeling very uneasy,something told… Read More »