Monthly Archives: January 2012

Gillooly’s farm

Gillooly’s farm. We went to gilooly’s on a Tuesday, which meant that we practically had the whole place to ourselves.Mrs sippi blue restaurant just by the lake has a bluesy feel to it, they played quiet music and we ate our lunch looking at the ducks play in the water, unfortunately outside was too windy… Read More »

The price of kinderjoy

Dynamite comes in small packages. I’m not an ardent fun myself but my 5year old believes that the sun sets and rises out of kinderjoy, i have to say, the toys are very sweet, the latest addition to her collection was a floating paper bunny, too cute. The price of one is  usually +-R6.99, give or take… Read More »

magalies meander

Magaliesburg meander has always fascinated me, I don’t know why, I mean it’s a beautiful stretch of road no doubt but it’s always led me on a personal trip in my mind(not that I ever need any push really, dreamer that I am)I got a chance to stop over during the holiday season with my… Read More »