Month: May 2012

Somewhere in cyber space.

Somewhere in cyber space.

Raindrops on roses Bren lay in the hospital room staring out into the rain. Hearing it pound on the roof relentlessly…she felt no peace, no cleansing, that it bought in it’s wake. Her heart felt as clouded and crowded as the sky outside, black and 

Adega do monge – Kensington.

You do love Portuguese Food, Right? Me, i am a huge fun of garlic and since portuguese cuisine is usually very garlic-ky, i say bring it on.I had such a lovely night at Adega do monge in Kensington a while back and also got a 

Fresh Earth Food Store

To have your carrot cake and eat it too. Have you tried out the carrot cake from Fresh Earth? If you haven’t, i advise that you pop into their store in Greenside and get one now! It doesn’t matter where in Johannesburg you stay, it’s worth