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Taking chances

Eve stepped into the small bathroom to wash her hands,she had been busy at the braai the entire evening and all was ready to eat. music played loudly in the lounge,as everyone drank and talked at the top of their voices,wanting to be heard yet not listening to one another, it was a good evening.… Read More »


‘i miss you…’ nto said over the phone to eve. ‘i miss you too…’ ‘can i come over sometime, there is something about those fingers i want to explore alittle further…’ Eve laughed,remembering their lovemaking and feeling a tingle in her vagina. Nto had been good,her small body moving so smoothly over eve,her soft moans… Read More »

Guilty rendez-vous

They met at a bar in ghandi square,eve suggested it,although she could never remember what it was called for the life of her. They sat at a wooden bench,eve sipped on a gin and tonic and nto had a heineken,there was smoke from the braai afew feet away but it mostly blew in the opposite… Read More »

Awakened demons

For eve the dynamics of their relationships had changed irrevocably. She could not give as freely as before and found herself pushing the bile of resentment down,forcefully willing it away without much success. She had presumed them to be on the same footing and been proved wrong and was very wary now. Nto had made… Read More »