‘Hey,’ Fez wrote and sent a rose.

‘Hey stranger, where did you go?’ Eve sent a kiss.

‘Been around, it’s you with the busy life. I’m married, it gets dull,’ Fez wrote, with the rolling eyes emoticon.

‘Lol, you know you love being married, how’s wifey?’ Eve sent a smile.

‘She is good. Yea I love being married to her hot ass, I shouldn’t complain… how’s everything with ‘you-know-who’?’ Fez smiled back.

‘We had lunch yesterday and a movie on Sunday…’ Eve sent a cheeky smile back.

‘Ooooh, you’ve been busy little miss… I like, give me dirty details ASAP!’

‘It was awesome, laughing with her over the movie and shoveling buckets of popcorn in our mouths. We later had coffee and sat talking for ages…’
‘I like her… but am confused, I met someone else Saturday at the picnic remember? We’re supposed to hook up again sometime this week..she is hot!! And gay…’ Eve finished with a thinking face.

‘I had such a great time with her, we walked and talked and laughed and talked some more. She is so funny and smart and and, gosh!’

Fez sent a thinking face, ‘hectic situation you got there, someone’s na get burnt…’

‘I know, but I don’t want to make rush decisions and I like them both, damn! What to do????’ with creased brows.

‘Brb,’ Fez wrote and was gone for about ten minutes. ‘Sorry bout that, duty…’ Fez wrote when she got back.

‘It’s cool,’ Eve replied with a smile.

‘I duno what you should do either, who do you like most?’
‘Hmmm, Azania… I’ve known her longer and all but you know the trouble with her…’

‘Yea,’ Fez was thinking.
‘You could always turn her lesbian, it has happened before,’ Fez finished with a grin.

‘You know that’s not my game man, I don’t wanna be looking over my shoulder at every turn, nope!’ Eve ended with a sick face.

‘So why don’t you end it then?’

‘Coz I like her, coz I’m greedy like that. Hehehe, I know I enjoy her company… dang what a mess!!’

‘You can say that again…’

‘Eish, gotta go babes, later ya?’ Eve wrote and logged off.
‘Later,’ Fez wrote.