Abyssinia Restaurant – Kensington

Abyssinia Restaurant – Kensington

Great food, let’s eat!

It is as the name indicates a proudly Ethiopian restaurant, right down to the decor and music, which I enjoyed very much.I had the pleasure of eating at Abyssinia Restaurant on my birthday recently and must say, the experience was very pleasant.

You will leave a new person, having drank of Ethiopian culture, history and or coffee – which is some of the best in the world.

It’s a village affair

Perhaps not entirely but sharing is indeed caring here, a large tray of food is presented to all partaking in the eating ceremony and everyone just digs in – literally and merrily. This way of eating isn’t entirely alien to me as most black African culture do practice it but if you haven’t tried it before, don’t be shy, do give it a try.

Beautiful food

The food was lovely, little bits of everything, it is the norm to eat of everything the chef prepared in one seating in Ethiopian restaurants, personally I have no qualms with the trend in fact I think it’s very cool as I am not particularly brilliant at making good decisions in this field..
Most of what we had were little scribbles on paper to me – they are in Aramaic but they were nonetheless very yummy.
The best thing as always, you don’t have to dig too deep into your pocket to eat.
communal eating with hands at the abyssinia restaurant

The service

I can’t fault the service in anyway, In fact I left the restaurant with a birthday present courtesy of the manager – what more could a girl ask for.
The waiter helping us had minor hiccups communicating in english but the manager came to his rescue and took us through the menu, explaining in great detail what all the dishes were made of.

The ambiance

It’s a great atmosphere, a diverse collection of people having a good time, although the majority of the clientele is no doubt Ethiopian in search of a little bite of home.
Abyssinia Restaurant,
Queen’s Street Kensington (opposite the Shell garage),
Tel: 072 9188824