A Day in an African Lesbian’s Life 3

A Day in an African Lesbian’s Life 3

Eve saw that there was a new inbox for her and tried to stop the mounting excitment at the thought that it was from Azani. She tried as hard to stop the twinge of disappointment when she found that it wasn’t. It was someone called Nto.

It only said, ‘hey there, thanx for the mathematics,’ she felt some irritation but answered with a perfunctory, ‘welcome aboard, don’t be a stranger,’ and almost immediately forgot about it as soon as it was sent.

She needed a life, it’s like she lived online. There wasn’t much excitement going on in her offline life, that was the problem – she reasoned herself.

Yea, whatever, she thought angrily.

I know all that, smart-ass, but WTF am I to do about it?

Everything in her life was so boring: she basically had no friends, her family didn’t understand her, her job bored her. Fat chance of an offline life.

She needed atleast a hobby other than the internet of course. But what??
What could she do that could be fun and perhaps make some friends along the way as well – that she didn’t bet on though.

It was worth a thought, she laughed bitterly. Try making friends at age 27, if you didn’t have childhood friends by then you had to forget about it.

Ok, then no use mourning about it, she thought.

How about a lover? She couldn’t even remember how kissing felt like anymore.

It was quite sad really.