A Day in an African Lesbian’s Life 5

A Day in an African Lesbian’s Life 5

Eve had secured a date for the pending picnic and was looking forward to the whole experience with a nervousness the heights of which she’d never reached before.

It was someone she wasn’t that acquainted with but they’d agreed to kinda go together or hang around each other when they got there since they both didn’t have partners and were not feeling the idea of attacking solo.

In the meantime, she was supposed to meet Azania at her place. Yes! Finally it had happened and she was so excited she could hardly sit still. Her whole body was tingling, she couldn’t erase images of kissing Azania luscious lips from her mind.

She wanted to dip her fingers in her pussy and get lost in there. All this was in her head of course, such erotic images with a person she’d never even met left her wet and mad almost all day. This wasn’t going to do, and to make matters worse, the woman was straight!

She had it bad and it was scaring her shitless.