It had been over a month and Danai was still not coming round.

Eve had tried everything: begging, pleading, threatening, apologizing for threatening and then begging again and it wasn’t working.

Word on the Lesboville streets was that Danai had moved on – some woman was constantly in her presence; others said she was considering moving cities.

Embo and Fez on the other hand now had a flourishing romance.

Embo remained a complex specimen(woman?), being with her was like riding a roller coaster, she kept Fez on her toes. Also why, for Fez, having Lizo on the side was inevitable and totally acceptable.

There were moments when Embo disappeared for a week: no phone call, email, Facebook message or a mxit text – she simply vanished, such moments, Fez simply spent warm nights in Lizo’s arms.

In fact Lizo’s arms were so warm and her sex so good that Fez was now getting confused.

They decided to meet up with Eve and talk women.
A tuesday evening at Eve’s, Eve grilled ribs and Fez brought some beer.

‘ I miss her man…’ this seemed to be Eve’s favourite new record.

‘ Know what I think? I think you shouldn’t give up, you fucked up so do whatever it takes to get her back.’

‘ But I’ve done just about everything, and now her friends say she might be moving cities. Fuck!’

‘ Not everything…’ Fez said thoughtfully.

Eve gave her the eye and raised an eyebrow.

‘Have you camped outside her flat yet?’

‘Have you woken her up late at night outside her window with a serenade? Desperate times call for desperate measures is what I always say.’

Eve made as though to snoot at Fez’s crazy ideas but stopped,’ I think you are onto something actually.’

‘I should make an ass of myself before I declare defeat, I can’t just lose her like that.’

‘That’s the spirit! I’ll help you drive the getaway car encase the popo get involved,’ Fez said laughing, and earned a punch on her shoulder.

‘When should we do this?’ Eve asked thoughtfully.

‘No time like the present china, I say we douse ourselves in drink and do it tonight.’

‘You speak such sense my friend,’ Eve said raising her bottle in salute.