Franco’s Pizzeria & Trattoria

Franco’s Pizzeria & Trattoria Franco Forleo

Wow, I can still taste the scrumptiously delicious conchiglioni di zucca that I had at Franco Forleo’s, what beauty!

Very simple, very cheesy meal filled with the sweetness of butternut that had me scraping at the remains on my plate, I later paid for it of course, but I can’t say I regretted any moment of each mouth watering mouthful, as far as intalian goes, you will want to try these guys out.

The best thing is that a meal at Franco’s pizzeria & Trattoria won’t leave a hole in your pockets the size of the one your just filled, the prices are as great as the food!

Physical Addres; Upper level 54
Tyrone avenue, Parkview
Postal Address; 72297 Parkview 2122
Tel; 011 646 5449
Fax; 011 486 2263