Is vs Was

Is vs Was

And yet it seems only your face is still clear.
When my mind’s eye dares travel far beyond what’s here.
Indefinable, dark silhouettes still walk the same path.
Others seem obliterated, diffused in mazes along which I do not venture.

My narcissism is boundless, I conclude.
Or can’t this prelude unblind me to the emptiness promised?
L’amour it must be, for it is what is said to have no eyes.
And behold, my sight momentarily dies.

Would I to see this in hind
Insanity I would of myself diagnose.
I could feel my way to freedom,
But reason does not impose.
How reasonable could Romeo, Juliet, Anthony have been.
Fortunate for me,
Breath in these lungs still resides.

Beguiled by your once smile that has not played in long.
It is to that like a drowning woman I now clutch oblong.
That light that danced in your eyes now gone.
I seek to see it glow, the full moon again outshone.

Can I like a night thief steal just moments and make away?
As of meteorites let dive into the abyss, this?
Let it all fade away?