‘So, what’s new then…who are is keeping you so busy this time round?’

Eve was chilling with her friend who never seemed to make up her mind whether she was straight, lesbian, bisexual or other – Tina.

‘I think am done with women, I need a real man, tired of playing around,’ Tina said with a serious face.

‘I’ve heard that one before,’ Eve said laughing.

‘I’m serious this time,’ Tina protested, ‘women have no idea what they want.’

‘You think men are any different?’

‘I have no idea, but they can’t be as confused. Take this bitch I’ve been flirting with, for example, I thought we were getting somewhere, next she tells me she has a fiance only to call me the other night saying she wants to spend the night, what shit is that?’ Tina finished looking as angry as she sounded.

‘I think you just pick them wrong, told you to stay away from plastic girls,’ Eve couldn’t help laughing at her friend.

‘But what is it that I do wrong? I don’t get it,’ Tina’s frustration was clear.

‘I wish I knew my friend.’

They sat in Eve’s tiny lounge drinking cheap wine, the Sunday was going well. Danai was asleep in the bedroom.

‘Remember the chick I was crazy about a few months back?’

‘Yea, I remember you were heartbroken for months when she left her woman and started dating what’s her name, how are they doing?’

‘Good apparently, they are so in love it’s disgusting, she broke my poor heart.’ Tina said with a pout.

Eve laughed at that,’ stop hating woman, jealousy makes you nasty.’

‘I’m not jealous, so over that bitch. Anyway, the chick she was dating before was cheating with another chick right?’

‘Yea…’ Eve replied.

‘Well, that chick she was cheating with happened to be the GF of the friend of the object of my desire and they were always hanging out together in fours unbeknownst to her, which serves her just right, this is just sweet,’ Tina laughed a sweet evil laugh.

Eve joined in, shaking her head.

‘Anyway, that isn’t the best part, the two are now officially dating after breaking up with both of them but the other day when the ex object of my desire was with her woman and they met them, the chick was looking at the new woman of her ex like she wanted a piece of her and she had her GF their too, how wicked is that?!’

Eve was now in stitches,’I told you, you hang with the wrong crowd! I can’t me shem, one needs a math degree to begin to untangle the craziness.’

Tina threw a pillow at her.