magalies meander

Magaliesburg meander has always fascinated me, I don’t know why, I mean it’s a beautiful stretch of road no doubt but it’s always led me on a personal trip in my mind(not that I ever need any push really, dreamer that I am)
I got a chance to stop over during the holiday season with my partner and must say I enjoyed brunching under the eaves and lunching on a lovely slope and waffles at a little joint, can’t say much about the waffles but it felt homily and homily is always good, especially over Christmas.
But I’m getting ahead of myself, why don’t I start at the beginning and tell you all about it.

Magaliesburg restaurant.:
My partner and I both love discovering new places, especially new places that are cosy and ensconced away along a beautiful stretch of road on a cloudy evening in parts of the cities where one can easily make out the stars and the moon is clearly visible.
I had a latte and we shared a waffle, (we are trying to find the best waffle place by elimination method) I can’t say that we will be eating waffles at magalieburg restaurant when in the vicinity again but I do know that I would go back for the feel and the atmosphere.
A small restaurant, I unfortunately did not taste their food but the prices looked good and they had some great stuff on the menu.
Physical address;98 rustenburg road, R24.
Tel; Ronnie; 082 791 5046
Lance; 076 641 9761