New kid on the block. Chapter 1

New kid on the block. Chapter 1

Mojo had been in town for a whole of two months and already she was causing chaos.
After traipsing around the continent for the past two years, she’d decided to come back home – home being where her best-friend Eve was, and try settling down.

She might have been settling down but the dust in her wake most certainly wasn’t. The ladies chased after her like she was drenched in chocolate and layered with several mouthwatering cherries.
She wasn’t what you’d call a player but when life threw melons at you, the least you could do was feel them up and give them a good lick, and in that regards she wasn’t disappointing.

She soon got a gig as a bar lady in some joint. All was going well, professionally at least.
See Mojo had a big problem, she suspected that cupid had an age old score to settle with her. Getting laid had always been easy for her but finding a woman that left her weak kneed and breathless was proving impossible. Every time she fell in love, something would go wrong, she was gunning for 30 and had yet to have a serious relationship.
Eve said she attracted what she subconsciously wanted, Eve was on a new age tip lately that left Mojo very frustrated.

‘Love will find you when you least expect it’ advised Danai, who was yet again disgustingly in love with Eve.
They were gradually working their way through Eve’s little faux pas with Nto who had finally decided to move to Durban and was now happily involved with a mature Indian woman. They were all learning to laugh about the past, especially the part where Eve made a fool of herself serenading Danai outside her flat in the thick of night. This part always left Eve blushing and mumbling that at least it had paid off.

‘Guys, can we focus on me here!’ Mojo whined, they were all in bed together trying to beat the winter chills.
‘What happened to Dinka from work, didn’t you like her or something?’ Eve said with laughter in her voice.
‘She is straight remember, and SHE liked me, I have a feeling the boyfriend will pay someone to put a bullet in me one of these good days.’

They all laughed.
‘It’s not funny guys, why do I keep attracting straight women lately,’ Mojo’s brows were knotted in genuine confusion.
‘Ummm… Coz you are hot,’ Danai piped in smiling.
‘Coz you are so lesbian they think it’ll rub off,’ Eve winked.
‘Coz they are greedy,’ Mojo said petulantly.
‘I can’t wait to fall in love with a normal red blooded, full blown lesbian’, she sighed.