Realia. Chapter 7

Realia. Chapter 7

Midnight confessions

‘Hey angel…’ Tan whispered softly as she crept into bed.
‘Hey…’ Mojo mumbled sleepily, her eyes closed but her arms reached out to hold her lover.
‘You are cold… poor baby… come here’
‘It’s freezing out there…’ Tan slid easily into Mojo’s open arms, ‘mmmh.. but it’s so warm in here.’
‘Is it now..’ Mojo teased, her leg pulling Tan closer to her.
‘Mmh-uh’ Tan just purred like a satisfied cat.

On the other side of town

Yuli leaned against the bar in Roxy’s – a popular lesbian spot in town and surveyed the room with a bored air, ‘the crowd gets younger each time,’ she thought to herself contemplating leaving.
She took a slow swig from her beer and gently put it back onto the counter.
Her eye caught that of a girl who looked no older than twelve, who had been staring at her for a while now and she quickly looked away, not wanting to encourage the poor thing.
She obviously did not look away quickly enough for seconds later the young thing was planted firmly in front of her, had she moved an inch, their lips would have touched.
‘I love you..’ the young thing said with puppy eyes, complete with an index finger in her mouth – with what was supposed to be a seductive look.
Yuli contemplated several replies but lacked the enthusiasm to say them out loud.
Oh for pete’s sake am too old for this shit..’ she said under her breath, ‘excuse me,’ she continued loudly as she maneuvered her way around the child, avoiding body contact.
‘Here, buy yourself a drink,’ and placing a few R20 bills on the counter, Yuli walked out into the cold night.

Let’s do it

‘Marry me…’ Mojo said half asleep.
‘What was that?’
‘Marry me’, the two words were loud and clear in the silence of the night.
‘I said..’
‘I heard you…’ Tan said gently.
‘And…’ Mojo said impatiently, the sleep gone for now.
‘And I will marry you.’
‘So that’s a yes then?’
They only managed to fall asleep again as the sun came up.
Mojo hummed Con te Patirò as she closed her eyes with a smile on her face.