No more fights out of this soul
Tell me those beautiful words
I will listen and believe
Look into my eyes that way you do
I will look right back into yours
Smile into my face
And I will smile back with glee

I will not try to fight this
I will not try and ruin It
I will let you lead me
To the pleasures you promise
I will not deny that you love me
I will take it all in
Breathe it deeply
Feel it seep into my veins
Let it leave me weightless

I will let myself feel
I will not fight when my heart palpitates
Neither will I when my stomach flutters
I will take the weakness in my knees in stride
I will feel it all and more
I will let me be, fo sho
Just keep giving it to me
I hope there’s more where that came from
I’m hungry for this feeling
I’m hungry for emotion
I will take all you are willing to dish out

I will believe you when you tell me it’s OK
I will let your words rock me to sleep
Keep me warm – blanketed in their security
I will not think that the smile on my face at the thought of you is silly
I will delight in it
I will not question why or how
This is not mathematics
There are no logical answers

Hence I shall believe
I will believe that I’m worthy of this adoration
I will believe that I’m worthy of this abundance
God knows there have been many seasons of want
I will lay my head on your bossom
Fall asleep in your embrace
I will breathe with you through the nights.