Danai came home to find Eve had make dinner.

She promptly placed a glass of a nicely chilled dry white in her hand.

‘Hmmm, what did you do now?’ Danai said smiling and gave her a warm hug, ‘you feel so warm, it’s chilly out there. Winter is upon us, good thing I have my teddy bear.’

Eve laughed uneasily and kissed Danai’s neck, ‘can’t I just spoil my woman?’ she replied.

‘What’s for dinner?’ Danai said, kicking her pumps off and walking barefoot to the little kitchenette to peer into the pot, ‘pasta and meatballs,’ Eve held a spoon with gravy on it towards Danai’s lips to taste.

‘Hmmmm, this is very good, thank gods I’m hungry,’ she kissed her quickly before rushing off to the bedroom to change.

‘I have something to tell you…’ during dinner she had tried to find the best time to bring the whole Nto issue up but failed.

‘Sounds serious, I’m all ears…’

‘I don’t know how to say this, I hope you can forgive me but I simply have to tell you the truth.’ She took a deep nervous break,  ‘I slept with Nto,’ since there was no easy way out, she decided to blurt the truth out.

Danai just sat there speechless.

‘It happened more than once and I realize that it was stupid and whichever way I try to excuse it, nothing can make it right…’

She waited for Danai to say something but still nothing came her way.

‘Please say something babe…’ she said softly.

Danai sighed deeply and rubbed her temples slowly, ‘you lied to me…’ she finally spoke, ‘I asked you if something was going on and you lied to me.’

Eve couldn’t think of anything to say, she got up and knelt between Eve’s legs.

‘I’m sorry… I am so sorry, I’m so sorry baby.’

‘Please move,’ is all Danai said.

A few minutes later she walked out of the door with an overnight bag, ‘I’ll fetch the rest of my things sometime….it’s over Eve.’