‘Why do I have to pick up after you?’ Eve asked in an irritated voice holding a coffee mug Danai had used and left next to the chair she’d been sitting on.

‘I was going to get that,’ Eve looked tired and Danai didn’t want to sweat it.

‘No you were not, you never do,’ she said as she dumped it in the sink alongside the other dirty dishes, Danai had spent the day off at Eve’s flat having spent the night there.

‘I know you are tired but don’t take it out on me,’ Danai’ said gently, Eve just ignored her and started doing the dishes.

‘I was going to do those,’ Danai continued and got up.

‘When? After the second coming?’ Eve oozed sarcasm, ‘if I want anything done around here, I guess I have to do it myself!’

‘Fine, I’m sorry then, I should have cleaned up but I was just exhausted and wanted to rest.’

‘Yea, sure,’ Eve mumbled. It had been a rough day at work but she knew she was over reacting.

She stole a look at Danai and found her brows knotted in confusion.

‘I’ll cook then, I was just waiting for you to get here so we could decide together what to eat.’

‘Just leave it, I’ll take care of it when I’m done here, just sit and RELAX,’ the dishes were making such a clatter as she roughly handled them.

‘Eve…just let me do it if it’s such a big deal.’

‘Fuck!’ Eve swore as a mug slipped out of her hands and broke.

The sound was so harsh in the silence that had taken over that Danai jumped.

Finding Eve’s behavior very unbearable, Danai slowly got her things together and prepared to go back to her place so she could give her time to cool down.

When She was at the door and turned the handle Eve suddenly stopped with the vigorous punishment she was imposing on the dishes and looked up.

‘Don’t go…’ she said softly, ‘I’m sorry.’