The Plot Thickens. Chapter 4

The Plot Thickens. Chapter 4

The plan was to meet at Mojo’s little flat, which she had recently moved into after staying with Fez for just over a month – before deciding on where to proceed from there.
That way, they would be killing two birds with one stone, getting Tan to see Mojo’s humble aboard and getting their bearings figured out before venturing further into whatever path was opening for them.

Mojo was barely out of the shower when the phone started ringing and seconds later, Tan announced her arrival, which undoubtedly set Mojo off into a panicked frenzy of actions: the place was a mess, the bed unmade, she had to put some clothes on – after finding them of course, which was proving quite impossible a task.

She was finally ready and ran most of the way to the parking where Tan was waiting patiently.

‘Sorry I took forever’, she said, running fingers through her still wet hair.
‘It’s OK,’ Tan said, putting out her cigarette with her foot.
‘Had to do a bit of tidying up, take a shower….’ she trailed off and started to lead the way back to the flat.
‘I figured,’ Tan had laughter in her voice.
‘I like your bike,’ she said of Tan’s harley davidson.
Tan raised an impressed eyebrow, ‘it’s my baby.’
They walked on quietly.

‘Place was a mess…’ Mojo continued when the silence got too loud.
‘My place gets that way too…’ Tan said in consolation.
Mojo smiled and felt herself relax.
She stole quick looks when she thought her guest wasn’t aware, noticing how shapely those denims made her ass look, and the exposed cleavage.
She looked good, and the slight whiffs that came Mojo’s way indicated that she smelt wonderful too.

The walk to the flat was fast.
Tan voiced all the polite platitudes on seeing it, Mojo had an eclectic collection of things from her journeys which Tan took turns admiring.

‘Tea, coffee, juice?’ she later offered.
Tan felt a boldness she could hardly explain.
‘Actually what I’d rather do right now…’
She walked over to Mojo without a word and taking a speechless face into her palms proceeded to administer a short but thorough kiss.
‘I’ve wanted to do that since we met,’ she said when it ended.

Mojo reached over and their lips connected again, not wasting time with words – being all for action herself.

They had to tear themselves away from the flat some 30 minutes later, knowing that things might get out of hand if they didn’t and not really wanting to cross that bridge yet. Mojo had packed a picnic complete with a dry red wine and strawberries,
By the end of it, it was declared clearly and expressly that a relationship had now began between Mojo and Tan.