Then and now

Then and now

Ummm… I didn’t think I’d speak today, but all I feel woul’d drown me if I didn’t share it.
Being here – with you so lovely, the sunset… it all seems like Déjà vu.
Like I’ve been here before, like I’ve dreamt and lived it, several times over.
Maybe it’s wishful thinking, me and my head, high up in the clouds once more.
It feels so new, yet as old as time itself.

Maybe I was your mistress and you my seductress.
I can imagine those eyes giving me slanty looks as you perfumed my feet, sponged my body with soothing oils.
Or maybe I was the vampire that bit eternity into your jugular as I thirstily partook of your energy – life that still radiates with so much strength.
I can imagine us having hunted together,  gathered fruit, did tribal dances: your beautiful body swaying unabashedly in the moonlight, while everyone gazed upon it with lust and envy.
Running to the river half naked, your beautiful breasts the center of every young man’s sexual fantasies/desires.
Stealing kisses and touches even then, risking it all.
Abomination! They’d all have chorused as they fuelled the fire.
Remember the river on which we sat watching the butterflies?
I swear to all things holy and beautiful that those were your fingers with which I intertwined mine, I cannot possibly mistake your hands.
I remember you laughing at something I said and me watching you with so much intensity you soon stopped; self conscious.

And so all the romance of those lifetimes, all the foreplay gathers us here today; when wooden stakes are no more and our kisses are frowned upon but excused as an evil that trailed the first white man to set foot on this dark continent.
Some will get violent, others perhaps abusive but in the end we can stand here, on this beach, with the sun a golden yellow falling into the horizon.

Feet naked in the white ancient sand.

You can look at me, your hair a mixture of white and purple flowers, your dress billowing in the wind, and tell me that you will…
You will share this love.