This is the day I make you mine – the tale of a lesbian wedding.

This is the day I make you mine – the tale of a lesbian wedding.

Intense activity

There was a frantic bustle about the place.
Everyone was busy with a chore, some cooked, others blew air into purple and white balloons, where as others like either one of the brides chased their tails, too nervous to sit still even for a second.

They barely sat still in make-up, and even later, when the magic was done and they looked gorgeous even if rather pale, they still paced amidst constant -” relax or you will ruin your make-ups”.

Lady in white…how lovely you look.

The two brides both wore white, Jen in a flowing white skirt and lacy top and Toni in an elegant shirt and pants. They were a sight for sore eyes.
As they walked up the petal strewn path holding hands to “when all the saints..”, Toni kept telling Jen to slow down under her breath, the storm that had caused worried upward glances earlier was literally over but dark clouds interchanged with white and blue wispy and kept worry lines and smiles respectively on everyone’s face.

The holy place

They stood under a canopy of purple and white, a pedestal of flowers on each end thanks to a beautiful friend – and promised each other love, perseveraLesbian weddingnce and togetherness.
” i will love you when it’s hard and when you laugh and when tears stream down your face”, they promised in as many words and more.
They held each others hands and slide gold bands as a symbol of their commitment onto each others fingers as their friends and family watched and softly said…” I do”
Their feet were bare, their hearts were full, the day was mostly a blur as John Legend at some point sang his lungs out –  “stay with you”

Let’s drink and dance to that.

The birds were lovely, everyone left with one as a reminder of the beautiful thing they had just witnessed.
After all was said and done, it was time to dance, and so they did….
They still love to dance with each other sometimes and other times, their eyes do all the dancing as they playfully call one another wife.