It is true what they say: when it rains, it pours. What a weekend Eve had had!
First she was single, bored and contemplating the life of a nun. Now, she had three women who all wanted her….how had it all twisted around to this?

‘Life could be so entertaining!’ She thought musingly to herself. One had to laugh or they’d be driven to madness.

It had all started Saturday morning when she’d gone for the picnic with the chic she hardly knew from the internet.

The whole affair had been amazing. Danai, she’d learnt that was her name, was quite beautiful and interesting.

They’d hit it off, the hours had just flown by without either of them noticing till it was time to leave, what seemed like 5 minutes later but had indeed been over 6 hours.

They’d both been loathe to part but promised to keep in touch and meet again before the week was over.

The picnic in and of itself had been much fun. She’d met a few people she’d only ever chatted with on the internet and they had all been as interesting in person as they had been virtually.

They had braai-ed some meat and most everyone had brought along some alcohol, which helped loosen tongues and erase the tension and shyness that had ruled in the beginning.

They’d later played some games and she had taken a walk with Danai. Watching her take side ways glances at her and smiling shyly when caught in the act.

From there she’d rushed over to Azania’s place. They were supposed to catch a movie together – they’d watched ‘sex and the city 2’ and enjoyed themselves enormously. Later they’d sat at a cafe for ages just talking and getting to know each other a little more and drinking endless cups of mocha lattes, blushing over melting marsh mellows and exchanging current charged looks.
That too had gone perfectly, Azania was so funny and witty and interesting.

Eve was now torn between the two; who to choose between Danai and Azania???

She decided to go with the flow and not burn any bridges just yet, She’d sit back and enjoy this ride and hope it didn’t all backfire in her face.

Lastly, her friendship with Nto was blossoming ever so gently. The more she learnt about the woman, the more interested she became to learn even more. They seemed to gel so well, she’d bet her left tit that Nto, just like Danai and Azania, wanted her. She’d never been wrong reading anyone before and she doubted she was now.

Hmmmmm, what an amusing turn of events.

She didn’t know who she would pick yet but Danai had the aces in this one with Nto following closely behind. Much as she liked Azania ,the whole straight girl thing put her off so much she couldn’t see herself getting over it.

She would have to wait and see. Only thing she knew was that she wasn’t going to make any hasty decisions just yet and hoped she wouldn’t end up on her own again. She smiled a secret smile and went to work on the pile that was growing on her desk with renewed vigor, it felt so good being wanted!