‘So how did it go then?’ Fez who was possibly Eve’s oldest friend, that she yet again hadn’t ever met, asked.
Eve wondered what people did before the internet, you had to love it.

Knowing people who were physically close to you was all good but it was also very limiting and claustrophobic. The internet presented the world to you on a platter and you could get to befriend anyone from anywhere.

Mostly with friends all one needed was someone to connect with anyway and yes, It would be nice to go to the movies together and hug them sometimes but whoever had of one having one’s cake and eating it too?

Eve lay on her back with the lights off, it was almost midnight.
‘Agh, nothing happened man. You know how nervous I get, I just froze!’
Fez sent Eve a laughing emoticon.
‘Come dude, you gotta stop being so geeky. You gotta take charge, girls love that. Especially straight ones coz they’re used to it.’

‘I know man, don’t you think i know that??? All I did was just keep gaping at her, so uncool!!!’

‘Hmmm you like this girl alot, don’t you?’ Fez concluded the sentence with a thinking emoticon.

‘Duh, why you telling me what I know?’ Eve concluded with an angry one.

‘Don’t be a smart-ass. And her being straight?’

‘I don know hey. Crap, I don’t have all the answers but how straight can she be if she is into me?.’
Now Eve was the one thinking.

‘You know what they say, they are only straight till they get wet. Just like spaghetti,’ she added the grinning dude. Fez always had some dumb saying going.

‘Hehe true dat. Anyway, we’re both just having some fun no harm in that.’

‘Yea right, I don’t want you coming here teary eyed coz she likes some dude again.’

‘Let’s worry bout that when we get to it K? Right now all I know is that I like her and she likes me…’

‘OK then,’ Fez wasn’t one to overly lecture,’whatever makes you happy. So when are you seeing her again?’

‘Saturday. Eish and I’m so nervous. I’ma probably have a mental break down before then. Tjo!’

‘Nah. You’ll be fine. This time when she’s busy getting you a drink, walk up to her and take it from there. Sex is so awesome on the kitchen counter,’ she was laughing at her, with five emoticons of the grinning guy.

‘Whatever dude! We both know wifey is the one that takes charge so don’t be pretending to be all hardcore with me. mxm, I don’t buy it.’

Wifey was Fez’s gf that they just called that coz she and Fez had been together since forever. Fez wished the same for her friend, Eve deserved to find a good woman coz she was such a good person. Weird how being good didn’t always pay.

‘Don’t be a smart-ass,’ Fez sent her a nerdy emoticon,
Eve sent one with rolling eyes.
They said goodnight. They both had to be up early tomorrow.

Eve looked over Nto’s profile before she turned in and thought that perhaps she shouldn’t be so abrupt with her after all. Nto seemed like a very interesting person from the little that she let on there. What caught Eve’s eye was her interest in photography. She found photographers and any artistic sorts so sexy.