A Family Holiday

A Family Holiday

I want to go away someplace warm
With Toni and Rowan…
By the sea; collect shells and sink our feet in the cool sand.
I want a typical holiday; hotel lobbies and sand castles
Fake potted plants or real dotted palms
The sun streaming through a grassy lapa
Stringy bikinis and shorts and salty sea water
Flip flops, beach balls, a go at surfing and snorkelling

I want sand in my hair, to find star fish and throw them back into the sea
I want to collect shells with shiny inner and bumpy backs
To apply sun screen on Toni’s arms and lower back
Demand that Rowan get some on her neck

I want ice cream and seafood, chips and more seafood
Overpriced Prawns, crabs, hake
Oysters, grilled abalone and a side of rice
I want to lie in the sun and bake

With a mojito or a glass of white, soda for Rowan and whatever Toni will take
I want to dance under the stars
To jazz or ramba or the sound of tribal drums
Let Rowan stay up too late
She’ll make a friend or two, I’ll bet

I want to take a guided tour of some ancient ruins
Listen to stories of olden realms
Gawk at the natives and buy souvenirs
Try to speak a native language from a badly written phrase book

Maybe we will go to Mozambique or Morocco
I have always wanted to visit Madagascar
And Kuala Lumpur…