My War

My War

I am always present in the world.
It’s a conscious decision not to partake in the communion of souls.
I like to watch.. from the sidelines, sometimes.

I am present in the atmosphere,
My breath joins others, creating life with the sun.
I am as present as the sea.

Forgive me mother, for I know not what i do.
I just be.
Forgive me mother for I know not what i do.
I simply exist.

Led on by the urge in me.
The ancient  journey that this soul has travelled.
If my path brings you fear, it is not my intention.

If my path doesn’t evoke memories of what you once knew,
If my metamorphosis seems swayed.
Perhaps we only are to share this one journey for you to learn tolerance.
I am here now, to unhinge the bigotry you thought was truth.

As I lay in the darkness,waiting for this body to come into being.
Your warmth mine,
Your lungs breathing for two,
We fed together, I thank you.
I hope that did not make you see me as your own,
To change and transform.

And now that my kin is at war,
I must leave my motionless state.
I hope my fight becomes yours.
I hope for you not to become one of my foes.
And think back, could you have breathed with the monster,
They say I am?