Fairmount Nursery and Tea Garden

Fairmount Nursery and Tea Garden

You can spruce up your garden,

And have yourself a delicious looking muffin while at it.
Can’t remember her name now but the resident confectioner does know her story, the presentation was just  as good as the taste, if not better too.
I had a late breakfast at Fairmount nursery and tea garden,it was a lazy afternoon with families gathered for a nice chat and children building sand castles or feeding goats. Very quaint.
The service was not a 100% but i was happy to just relax under the leafy foliage.
The food when it finally arrived was quite good, it came on a wooden slab – I thought it was a nice touch.


Effect on your pocket.

I can’t say it’s a cheap place to eat at but it’s not 5 star dining either so the prices are quite reasonable, for the ambience and peacefulness offered.
I picked up a few plants and herbs on my way out,and for that my garden is a much happier place.

The details

Give them a call or drop them an email, who knows, you might even like it.
Address: 26 Sandler Road Fairmount, Johannesburg.
This place might have been taken down by the time you read this.