Kellow Park Stables

Kellow Park Stables

My First time on a horse

I don’t know if it’s me or if the heading above reads slightly dodgy but let’s not lose track,
I had never been on a horse until recently, something i am not very proud to admit but there you have it.
So I was pretty much ecstatic when my Girlfriend surprised me with Groupon tickets for a horse riding experience at sunset – don’t you just love Groupon! (as a by the way)
We took along our 6 year old daughter who thought the whole experience was absolutely amazing, strange child didn’t even suffer any pains and aches like we did.

The Horse riding Experience

I should be honest, it was more horse trotting than riding,but for a beginner, it was intense!
I always imagined being on a horse would be like sitting on a comfy chair – the movies make it looking so easy, which is why  I did not anticipate the bumpy ride a head of me. I felt like I would fall off any minute and held on tightly for dear life the whole time, sweaty palms and all, not wanting to make any wrong move in case the horse got frightened and I went tumbling down.

My thoughts on Kellow Park stables

The lady in charge of our troupe was very nice and calming, the rest of the guys leading the horses were also very polite and helpful. It’s rustic and laid back, complete with an endless number of dogs, some rather ancient.
The overall experience was great, I only wish I had more time – and money of course, to sharpen my horsewomanship!
Kellow park stables is found in Muldersdrift
and ran by:
Ryan Andrews  –  083 601 3075
Kate Andrews – 083 607 3065