‘So how long have you two been together?’ Eve asked Danai’s friend Lu, there with her girlfriend – they seemed joined at the hip.

‘About two years now, very long for a lesbian relationship yea?’ they both laughed at that and Eve turned the meat, they were having a braai with a few friends: Eve’s house mate, Angel and her boyfriend, Angel’s friend and his boyfriend and Danai’s friend (who was also her ex) and her girlfriend, as always Eve took care of the braaing, which she absolutely enjoyed.

Angel’s boyfriend, James, who was in ear shoot, asked what they meant by ,”very long for a lesbian relationship” and the two women laughed harder.

They were all at the complex pool side. Danai was doing flips in the water with Lu’s girlfriend while calling out for Eve to leave the meat to the men and join her.

‘Come now guys, what do you mean?’ James insisted.

‘Lesbian relationships don’t seem to go easily past the one year mark James,’ Eve explained poking at a swollen wors.

James looked very surprised, ‘but I’d assume that with two women together, commitment wouldn’t be an issue, I mean, they are always bullying it out of us men.’

‘That assumption would be very ill advised,’ Eve stopped turning the meat long enough to answer, ‘contrary to popular belief, women are not commitment freaks, well not the lesbian ones anyway, if our relationships are anything to go by.’

‘You guys have to be kidding me,’ James said, looking even more confused.

Eve just handed him the tongs she was using to turn the meat and intending to show off a little, did a perfect dive into the pool’s deep end. Swimming under, she grabbed Danai’s legs, unsteadying her and causing her to shriek and hold on to her head for dear life.

They stumbled about: laughing, shrieking and spraying water everywhere.

Lu’s girlfriend later joined them all with a ball and they threw it around, forming teams of two, every now and then, one of them filled their glasses with the cheap boxed red wine and passed around more beers.

When they all later gathered around to eat the meat, Danai, who was by now quite tipsy as was most everyone else, kept licking the juice off Eve’s fingers seductively and causing the guys to ogle, James brought up the topic once again.

‘So how can you guys tell me lesbian relationships don’t last forever?’ at that, Angel dug her elbow into his ribs and told him not to be rude or she wouldn’t let him out of his cage again.

She got laughs from everyone.

‘Ouch!, what?, I’m just interested, I know am going to sound dumb but isn’t that why women become lesbian – coz guys won’t commit?’

‘No James! women become lesbians for the sex,’ Danai joked, now licking Eve’s jaw.

‘I suppose it has something to do with all the challenges our relationships face from society and that typa thing,’ Lu said seriously.

Everyone oohed and aahed leaving James none the wiser.

‘I think it’s cause women are simply too hot to resist, too much temptation – personally, I just want one to sleep with every night for a long long time,’ Eve finally took James out of his misery, earning herself brownie points from Danai, who now kissed her very long and deep getting cheers from everyone.