The man looked at the two women in front of him over his spectacles, he had a very studious face; deep set blue eyes behind the thick rimmed glasses. He adjusted them for the third time since they’d been in and asked very carefully if they wanted to do the test together or one after the other.

They exchanged glances and chose the latter.

‘Since we are doing this at a pharmacy, there won’t be a very long winded counseling, if either of you feels that there perhaps is need for concern as regards to the end result, I advise that you rather do it at a clinic where a nurse or doctor can give you more counseling,’ at that he looked from one to the other, seeming to have recited those very words countless times before.

‘No, we are OK with this option, thank you,’ Danai spoke for the two of them, they had discussed it at home and had had a little counseling session of their own led by Eve.

They both felt ready for any results.

‘OK,’ he said, getting up from behind the counter, ‘right this way please,’ and lead the way into a little make shift room separated from the rest of the pharmacy by light blue curtains.

‘Who is first?’ he asked, snapping on a pair of disposable latex gloves, ’the other can wait outside by the bench’ Eve silently left the little room.

‘When was the last time you went for an HIV test?’ Eve had asked Danai as they lie spooning in bed the night before.

‘I think it’s been about four months now, you?’

‘I last went a few months back too…wanna go test together?’ she asked and kissed Danai’s nape.

Danai then turned around and they faced each other, she reached out her hand and palmed Eve’s cheek, ‘I’d love that…a lot.’

‘I can’t wait to go all the way with you, make love without holding back, feel your pussy against mine,’ Eve said shyly.

‘Me too, I’m glad we have been very cautious so far though… did I ever tell you how extremely hot I think you are?’ Danai asked.

‘Ummm, a coupla times, but I don’t mind hearing you say it again,’, Eve said biting her lower lip invitingly.

‘You are hot,’ Danai said and kissed her nose, ‘you are so hot,’ she said again, kissing her left eyebrow, ‘you are so hot you are scorching,’ the last words were muffled as she found Eve’s lips.

Danai now sat on the bench outside the blue curtained makeshift room and looked at the little red line on the tester, one single line meant negative – she turned it this way and that way, caressing the edges gently, the little red line looking so appealingly lonesome.

‘How positive a negative result felt,’ she thought.

Eve was inside having her test done.

Eve walked out a while later and they exchanged a look that said that everything was alright, they stepped into each other’s arms and held on so tightly, feeling the overwhelming relief that always comes with the knowledge that one is free of the virus, even when they knew that being HIV positive wasn’t a death sentence.