They had both just ignored the kiss after that, Danai fearing any further rejection and Eve just stalling, she knew she was ready but didn’t know what was holding her back.

Danai was a beautiful girl, if she didn’t snap out of it soon, she wasn’t going to stay around drooling after her much longer. This, eve understood and wouldn’t blame her either but still, she stalled.

It was Danai who took the matters into her own hands once more and invited Eve over for dinner, she made a smoked mussel salad and eve brought a dry rosé to wash it down with.

Danai had gone all out, candles adorned the little room she sat, slept and ate in. A sprinkling of pink roses lay in a small glass bowl filled with water on the worn out table.

They sat on the floor.

The salad was delicious.

‘Using raw spinach was daring but this is really good,’ Eve said between mouthfuls.

‘I love raw spinach, I discovered my like for it one day when I was too lazy to cook, I haven’t looked back since.’

‘Eureka!’ a smiling Eve said, raising her glass.

‘And thus is how most great discoveries are made.’

‘Perhaps you will become famous and very rich?’ Eve chided.

‘And I will owe it all to raw spinach,’ Danai smiled softly.

The evening was a dream.

‘Is it not healthier to cook it though?’

‘Either way, it is good, there are benefits to eating it raw or cooking it, whichever rocks your boat I suppose,’

‘Is spinach your best friend too? You seem to know quite a lot about her?’ Eve couldn’t help teasing. They laughed.

‘You never answered my question’ Danai changed the topic suddenly, looking serious.

‘And what question could that have been?’ Eve already knew.

Danai simply raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow.

Eve still played dumb, they cleared the dishes awhile later and settled on the one couch in the room.

‘You cold?’ Danai asked as she spread the orange throw on their legs.

‘Just a little bit,’ the atmosphere had gotten very static all of a sudden.

‘We broke up some time back – it was over almost before it began, and no, I don’t really want to talk about it.’ Eve’s face was unreadable.

Eve reached over and very softly ran her thumb along Danai’s jaw, tracing her lips as she went, which Danai then opened and very gently sucked it in, her lips moved in slow motion. Their look not breaking for even a second.