They both changed into their skates. Eve had dragged a protesting Danai to the Festival mall rink, her cries of being unable to skate falling on deaf ears.

‘There is a first time for everything,’ Eve had told her sternly, ‘you can’t live forever in fear and caution.’

‘ I still think this isn’t a good idea,’ Danai tried her last attempt at trying to get out of this dangerous predicament.

‘We will have a good time, now will you relax already?’ Eve was having none of it.

‘OK, OK, but if I break any bones you are entirely to blame.’

‘The only thing that will be broken is your virginity- on the ice that is cause I know you are definitely no virgin,’ Eve dodged the playful punch that Danai threw at her, they both laughed.

‘Trust me, you will enjoy it.. now relax, OK?’ Eve now seriously said to Danai.

‘OK,’ unable to hold the look, Dana busied herself with fastening her skates.

Eve still hadn’t told Danai about her break up with Azania, she’d felt the time wasn’t right but perhaps today she would. Danai looked beautiful as always, in a light grey sweatshirt that clang easily to her very subtle curves, navy blue skinny pants, now tucked in her skates, hugged her cute ass so tightly.

‘Are you done?’ Danai interrupted eve’s appraisal laughingly, Eve blushed and raked her locks with her fingers.

‘How is Azania, all good?’ Danai tried to make the question as light as she could.

‘Want to go in now?’ Eve dodged it.

Seconds later, Danai was fighting to stay on her feet as Eve fought to control her giggles.

Eve finally gathered her unstable limbs and they leaned on the wall, Danai feeling very flustered and off balance.

Eve showed her a trick with her skates that would help her stay on her feet and they started again, much slower now, Danai holding on to Eve and the wall for dear life, a litany of how she couldn’t do it with Eve insisting that she most certainly could, trailing them.

They were thus engaged and never knew where the kid appeared, flying on his blades at the speed of lightening, next moment they and several other people were entangled in the fall he created, Eve finding herself firmly placed on Danai’s front section, trapping her underneath.

Next she knew, Danai had her arms around her neck, pulling her face closer and closer to her own, their very cold lips met and warmed up in seconds. They were oblivious to the stares all around and the cheers, teenagers snickered and catcalled, others whistling mischievously.

Moms protectively shielded the young ones’ eyes but their own were firmly glued to the two women on the floor.