Eve’s sister, Aya, invited her for dinner Friday night, hinting on the fact that she had a few friends over for her to meet. Eve knew from past experience that when Aya used that tone of voice, she in most cases was trying to hook her up with one of her numerous male friends that were always dying to date her. Aya usually didn’t need much convincing for an introduction to her gorgeous sister from any of them.

Eve hadn’t come out to her family about her sexual orientation but as she always argued-neither had they to her about theirs, so she did not feel any urge to broadcast hers to them either.

It was very obvious to anyone wanting to be informed that Eve’s sexual preference did not lean in any way towards the opposite sex, having not dated a man since way back in her very early twenties, and having been a very late bloomer, that meant that she had started dating in her early twenties, tried out men seeing as that seemed to work for most women and was the norm, found that she was definitely not like most women and switched sides. Yet when it came to her preference, her family was very much not willing to be informed, for them, Eve’s very liberal mind-set was a cause for worry and in most cases disapproval and embarrassment .

Come Friday night, Eve found herself ringing her sister’s doorbell at exactly ten minutes past eight.

The party had already began, she soon discovered when her sister let her in and promptly introduced her to her friend Zen, who then made it his duty to see to it that she was attended to for every second of the evening.

Zen was a businessman, very well established, his truck for hire enterprise was growing at the rate of a bush fire or so he let on to Eve in a not so subtle way. Eve wondered where Aya found these illegible bachelors she constantly threw at her, she seemed to always have one larking about at every dinner.

Half way through the meal and Eve was beginning to regret why she had come, she really needed to tell Aya to stop, she stifled another yawn as Zen went on about his hobbies in great detail. Eve tried not to scream, like who used the word hobby anymore? And why did this man think she cared what his were?

She prepared herself for a very long and extremely dull evening.