They met at the Open Closet party in Melville.

Danai looked stunning, Eve checked her out again from the corner of her eye, taking in her shabby afro, long legs in tights and cleavage all in one swift look. ‘She looks good,’ she thought to herself and smiled, she looked up to find another chic checking her out too: butch, pants up to her ass and chains all over the place. Danai felt it and met the chic’s look, smiling shyly.

‘What are you going to drink?’ she shouted above the roar of the music, Danai seemed not to have heard so she beckoned for her to come closer, in the confusion, their lips met and brushed, creating a weird moment, ‘a heineken,’ Danai said into Eve’s ear later, her lips brushing it softly.

Danai had invited Eve to the party, very convincing when Eve did not seem keen, they hadn’t had time to hang out since the day at Panarottis.

‘What have you been up to?’ Eve asked when they finally found a quiet corner of the room where they could hear each other talk.
‘Work mainly,’ Danai said, swigging on her beer out of the bottle, Eve twirled her gin and tonic around the glass, watching the light play against the liquid.

‘Paradise?’ Danai asked with a raised an eyebrow, meaning Eve’s love life.
Eve indicated with her hand that it was so-so, Danai didn’t push it.

‘Want to dance?’ Eve asked during the silence that followed and Danai nodded. They made it through the tightly packed crowd to the dance floor, which was as tightly packed. Movement was very difficult and they constantly bumped against each other, Eve finally excused herself and went outside to get some air, she was still feeling a little raw after Azania.

A guy standing outside asked her if she was a lesbian too as it seemed all the women inside were, she answered affirmatively and he asked how she could be, being so pretty. Going ahead to ask her for a threesome with her girlfriend, when she didn’t say anything, he asked if he could at least kiss her, she took the rest of her drink in one long throw and ignoring him went back inside, knowing if she replied, she would get rude.

‘You OK?’ Danai asked, concerned.
‘Couldn’t be better,’ Eve smiled reassuringly.
She decided to have a good time for the rest of the night.