Nullarbor Cottages

Nullarbor Cottages

Uninterrupted Silence

The only service at Nullarbor Cottages is No Service at all, which is just perfect for the kind of place it is.
My sole communication with management was via email, and that I found rather refreshing.
I got exactly what I wanted – zero people interference, right from the moment I set foot at Nullarbor Cottages, there was even no presence at the rather rustic gate!.

The Lonesome horse

Right outside the cottage I was in – Pula Moon, was a beautiful horse that constantly came by to graze, complimenting and supplementing the already surreal feel of the place.


The self catering cottages come complete with a jacuzzi, towels,toilet paper, cutlery and utensils. Outside is a fire place, patio and deck chairs from where one can just breath and detox.
A silent being of the human species comes by to clean up every day.


If one happens to forget any of their conveniences at home, Magaliesburg town is only about 5-10 minutes away by car. Caution! – the road to Nullarbor Cottages is rather rough and not tarred, but aren’t all roads that lead to paradise?.

The view

The view is endless, it goes on and on and on and it’s simply beautiful.
And at twilight, the temptation to open a bottle of champagne is not to be taken lightly, it must be obeyed!.

The Details

I think you should definitely use them.
Jenny and Des Fernhold

Nullarbor Cottages
Jenny: +27 836528647
Des:     +27 828710437