Schaffler’s Garden Nursery & Landscaping

Schaffler’s Garden Nursery & Landscaping

Under the trees restaurant and coffee shop

It’s beautiful and the best part is I came across it entirely by accident. My little family and I were on a hunt one saturday morning, for somewhere nice to try out. Lo and behold, and there it was. Stepping inside it’s cool, relaxed interior is like falling down the rabbit hole – only without the weirdness. It’s completely isolated from the hustle and bustle yet situated right in the midst of it.I will tell you one thing and you must believe me, you don’t have to look very far to find solitude in Johannesburg, Schaffler’s Garden nursey and landscaping are exactly it.

Schaffler's under the trees sitting area

Beautiful food

We had a luxurious mid morning breakfast under the lush and leafy canopies. The food was fresh, filling, healthy and yet absolutely yummy.

I can’t say that the prices are necessarily low but what you lose in pennies you more that make up for in the sheer feeling of well being the place evokes.

Schaffler's ornamental ponds

Schaffler's nursery

Ponds of koi

I haven’t seen koi that big and magnificent before – perhaps because I haven’t seen many koi, swimming happily in ornamental ponds all over the premises.

Your itchy green fingers will find a home there.

They also have an assortment of natural farm and other products for sale.

schaffler's koi

Try it

Really…and tell me what you think,because I don’t think my words are enough to convey the loveliness of the place.



Nursery enquiries:

Nursery Manager (Penny) & Switchboard: (011) 786-0323

Landscape enquiries:

Anthony Schaffler (011) 885-3479 / 083 266 1573

Irrigation enquiries:

Anthony Schaffler (011) 885-3479 / 083 320 9708

Koi & Water Gardens enquiries:

Penny Erasmus (011) 786-0323

Schafflers Florist Enquiries:

Megan (011) 786 0323

Under the Trees Restaurant & Coffee Shop enquiries:

Manageress Rebecca (011) 786-0242

Christine Schaffler 083 252 2090