Somewhere in cyber space.

Somewhere in cyber space.

Raindrops on roses

Bren lay in the hospital room staring out into the rain. Hearing it pound on the roof relentlessly…she felt no peace, no cleansing, that it bought in it’s wake. Her heart felt as clouded and crowded as the sky outside, black and devoid of color.

Joy always made her smile when she could but she had deadlines to meet and people to see, assignments to complete… Though to be honest in the past those had never prevented her from spending a few moments of her day with Bren, in fact she had lived for those moments. Not anymore…

Tentative steps

Lunar typed the words CHAT into her phone as she hummed cyber love  by Jason Derulo to herself. It was really amazing what one could find on the internet. Such an inexhaustible ocean of knowledge that she was planning to tap into to her ultimate pleasure. Prowords – she clicked the link with mounting excitement, hardly read any of it and rushed to the part that said create account.

Username: Moon

Password: ******

Date of birth: December 1987

Location: Johannesburg, South africa

And so on and so forth…

Let’s rock and roll!

Soon she was done with her account creation and with in no time was ready to meet over a million other users that were residents of this site or so it said. She fumbled her way around, unfamiliar with the new lingo that these people used. So many from all walks of life, all joined by this virtual world that seemed so real. No color, no physical appearance based judgment. Just words on the screen that somehow connected souls, with those words  acquaintances were made. Interspersed with chemistry, laced with understanding, love was found.