Africa Rising

By | January 31, 2013

There is a deep love for Africa in the soul.
Potholes, dusty pavements, rich soils.
The sun comes down happy and joyous on this beautiful continent.
I can try and explain the passion for this dear land,
But mostly I just feel her…in my gut.
In the forever giving hand.
The aroma of diverse foods and warm blood,
Sometimes shed in the wars that constantly plague her.

The love for Africa is a tumultuous affair.
I get angry, sad, happy, goose-bumpy.
When the east and west gang up and try to crash her resilient spirit.
When an orator stands on a podium and unites the people.
From Timbuktu to the south; economic, domestic, cultural wars prevails.
But the conversation is as vibrant as the emotions and this too never stops.
Issues of race, rape, politics and  homosexuality.
Growth, economics, patriarchy, tradition, culture, Love, marriage, polygamy, agriculture, pollution, global warming….and religion.
Some  desperately cling to the old because the new is frightening.

But there is also a new generation.
A young population.
Finding themselves and what it means to be part of this diverse and misunderstood continent.
Finding pride for this land when the BBC and  CNN paint a grim picture.
Writing lengthy love letters to the motherland.
Documenting the images, words, colour.
Trying to capture her essence and mystery.
Creating a new identity.
© Jen