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My War

I am always present in the world. It’s a conscious decision not to partake in the communion of souls. I like to watch.. from the sidelines, sometimes. I am present in the atmosphere, My breath joins others, creating life with the sun. I am as present as the sea. Forgive me mother, for I know… Read More »

Shapes for her

Heart shapes; an opening in a leafy foliage – the sun streaming through, just for her to be bathed in the glory of my affection. Heart shapes; a delightfully, dangerously, mouthwatering dark lava chocolate – my heart the moist soft center, her hands the protective outer beauty that opens it up. Square shapes of puzzles;… Read More »

Is vs Was

And yet it seems only your face is still clear. When my mind’s eye dares travel far beyond what’s here. Indefinable, dark silhouettes still walk the same path. Others seem obliterated, diffused in mazes along which I do not venture. My narcissism is boundless,I conclude. Or can’t this prelude unblind me to the emptiness promised?… Read More »

She’s just a girl

What a cliche it all is. That while you stood there, I stared. That when you smiled, I crushed. That when you laughed, it was like a tinkling of beautiful gems. What a cliche I am. That I could not resist. That I couldn’t not stare. That I couldn’t not catch my breath every time… Read More »

The tin woman has a heart

To all the faces I brace, Against…smile an armour, I use…like a talisman. It is easier to speak of the height of the sun, Than delve into the tin to find soft tissue. It is lighter to talk of the dust that impersonates sand, Than acknowledge that it is within and its purpose serves. Watching… Read More »

For you

Your smile forever changing, Now hemming in on my poor heart and taking it places. Then reeling me into your eyes, constantly searching. With glee, it glows; windows light, the soul shines. Pines at mine, that often gives you joy. When shy, my face lights at how adorable yours turns and my breath catches. With… Read More »

Then and now

Ummm… I didn’t think I’d speak today, but all I feel w’d drown me if I didn’t share it. Being here – with you so lovely, the sunset..it all seems like deja vu, Like I’ve been here before, like I’ve dreamt and lived it, several times over Maybe it’s wishful thinking, me and my head,… Read More »


Rain, rhymes with pain That she can’t seem to feign In loss they gain Freedom, some disdain Light steps, skip paddles Were those yesterday’s cuddles Whispering on the wind like bubbles? Now you see it, now you don’t, lost marbles? Drifting… on the breeze A soul, by none untainted Smiling… like a freeze On a… Read More »