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A Family Holiday

I want to go away someplace warm With Toni and Rowan… By the sea; collect shells and sink our feet in the cool sand. I want a typical holiday; hotel lobbies and sand castles Fake potted plants or real dotted palms The sun streaming through a grassy lapa Stringy bikinis and shorts and salty sea… Read More »


The city moves with a pulse. Brick and mortar against warm bodies. It slithers, alive with need and desire. Along bree; stop and feel it, Touch, smell, taste and sight. The senses assailed by throngs of bodies moving in rhythm. Walls awash with prisms. There is god here, Death and life, sex in alleys reeking… Read More »

Africa Rising

There is a deep love for Africa in the soul. Potholes, dusty pavements, rich soils. The sun comes down happy and joyous on this beautiful continent. I can try and explain the passion for this dear land, But mostly I just feel her…in my gut. In the forever giving hand. The aroma of diverse foods… Read More »

Is vs Was

And yet it seems only your face is still clear. When my mind’s eye dares travel far beyond what’s here. Indefinable, dark silhouettes still walk the same path. Others seem obliterated, diffused in mazes along which I do not venture. My narcissism is boundless,I conclude. Or can’t this prelude unblind me to the emptiness promised?… Read More »