Crazy evenings under cloudy skies. Chapter 5

Crazy evenings under cloudy skies. Chapter 5

And that’s how they were all introduced to Yuli. She stood there with such bravado and insolence, took on the four of them with such confidence that they were left in giggles.

Danai who was such a fussy eater was literally forced to put her complete trust in Yuli, who looked so capable in a little chefs’ apron and promised culinary skills like never experienced before.

And who in between the banter flirted so outrageously that Mojo and Tan couldn’t help giving each other amused but worried looks and Danai who still had a score to settle drank it all in.

Eve took it straight, she knew she had no one else to blame but herself, she had large gulps of this insult in her face – on the rocks, and stayed smiling.


Much later in the night, when the drizzle had lessened and the dust settled. After Yuli dazzled them with scrumptious cow heels and apple tarts that they literally licked off the plate and Danai half joked about wanting to take her home. A chair had been pulled and stuck between Mojo and Danai, on which she now sat.

Mojo with her usual foot in mouth directness asked the question that had been on all of their tongues – which might have been obvious but our Mojo wasn’t one for half cooked assumptions.

‘Are you a lesbian?’ looking directly into Yuli’s mischievous eyes.
‘What do you think?’ Yuli countered dodgedly
‘I’m done thinking, that’s why I thought I might save us all the trouble and ask,’ Mojo was not to be deterred.

The conclusion

All Yuli did was point to the rainbow flag stuck on the glass by the entrance of the restaurant.
‘Do you think that it’s accidental?’ she asked instead.