Imagine me and you – movie review

By | May 3, 2014

Girl meets girl, girl is recently married to boy, girl and girl fall in love and ride off into the sunset to a happily ever after, stuff dreams are made of in my opinion. I do feel for boy but he is ok in the end so it’s happiness all around – yippie!

Most lesbian movies are a hit and miss, they are either mainstream and therefore made for a heterosexual, possibly male audience whose satisfaction is top priority or they are really low budget and hence poor quality productions put together by a very passionate and dedicated group with very little funding.

Imagine me and you is neither of the above, and this I take great pleasure in announcing. It is well written, the acting is great and the quality is top notch. Lots of laughs, lots of heart warming moments….All I can do is thank the team that cared enough to make a lesbian movie not geared to offend all lesbians.


Rating: 10/10