Mojo finds her Mojo. Chapter 2

Mojo finds her Mojo. Chapter 2

And it looked like Mojo might not have long to wait.

After going on several dates that ended very badly: Linda was a gold digger, or at least Mojo gathered after she asked her what work she did and how much it paid for the 10th time in the 30 minutes they’d spent together having coffee at Bugattis.

She left feeling very discouraged, Linda was very hot unfortunately. Lihle was too loud, Mojo kept blushing profusely as all the other occupants of spur kept staring at them because their conversation seemed open to the general public. She couldn’t wait to rush off to work and breathed a sigh of relief when the clock finally ticked a blessed 2:45. She made for the door with promises of calling and setting up another date that she very well knew wouldn’t happen.

Kate had bad breath. Lee-ann had bad teeth and was squint eyed. The list was endless. Danai and Eve advised that perhaps she was being a little too judgmental and fussy.

The search for a mate was a tricky one. She was adamant that she would finally find someone who would leave her heart pounding for extra oxygen.

Five weeks down the line she finally did. After chatting online for some time, they finally decided to meet. Tan was tall and spotted a ponytail; faded denims; a leather jacket; black boots and smoked like a chimney.

Coffee it was, they sat in Newscafe and the two hours passed all too quickly. They laughed endlessly and had discussions about life and homosexuality and life as a homosexual and religion and the stars, the moon and the grass by the road side.
It was only when they decided to leave that it dawned on both of them that they needed to see eachother again.